MK Defence Ltd. has once again proven to be at the vanguard of state-of-the-art security training that meets the highest international standards and guidelines.  We are pleased to announce that we have recently signed a contract with Erbil International Airport (EIA) that is nothing short of a major and comprehensive review, assessment, development and implementation of security-related administrative and operational functions and capabilities.

MK Defence will introduce a security transformation strategy that is consistent with the operational security demands of EIA and is fully compliant with ICAO standards.  The program is designed and structured in a manner that ensures the engagement, empowerment and participation of all managers and staff actively involved in the implementation of policies and procedures set by the Security Directorate.  The object is to achieve the highest state of readiness and peak performance at all times.
MK Defence takes special care in ensure that all its training programs meet local, regional and international standards and requirements, including certification capabilities, covering the full range of administrative and operational functions of an international airport facility.  We will develop and implement emergency preparedness and management based on a clearly defined threat assessment policies that are an intricate and vital component of a sophisticated and high technology Security Operations Center (SOC).
Our track record, professional credentials and ability to consistently translate security issues and concerns into practical, creative, effective and readily implementable solutions has shown that we understand all the dimensions and intricately complex and sophisticated nature of security with all its ramifications.  Our security solutions are always structured into inter-related phases that are designed to ensure that our program is built on strong foundations and that no area is over-looked or fails to meet the stringent standards set.  At MK Defence we always aim to ensure that our client meets all audit and quality control standards.  That includes the validity and soundness of the airport’s entire security system relating to oversight, policies, procedures, installations, equipment, personnel training, etc. We take all matters related to or involving security and threat mitigation very seriously and associate the success of our client with our own.
Erbil International Airport is built on the same location where an airfield and military base used to be in 1991 built by Al-Ba’th regime. After topping down the previous Iraqi regime in 2003, KRG decided to build a civil airport to be the gateway towards the world.
On July 1st, 2003 the construction of the airport began and on December 15th, 2003 the first aircraft landed at Erbil airport and flight between Kurdistan Region and the neighboring countries started afterwards until 2005 when direct flights from Kurdistan to Europe started by Kurdistan Airlines.
Due to the increase of the number of passengers and flights, KRG decided to expand the airport terminal and also reconstruct the runway.
The KRG PM, Mr. Nechirvan Barzani, formally opened the project after it was completed on 29th, April 2005, and after that on 26th, May 2005 the Airport was given an (ICAO) code (ORER).
Because of the importance of the air transportation and to encourage the Kurdistan Guide and also to develop Erbil airport to reach an international standards KRG decided to construct a new airport to be one of the biggest civil airport done after the toppling of the former regime. The British company, Scott Wilson, was to design the new airport and (Makyol Cengiz) company in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipalities was to implement the project.