15 Aug 2011 MK-SSIT® (Simple Security Infrastructure Training)
MK Defence Ltd. announces MK-SSIT® (Simple Security Infrastructure Training). Infrastructure Security is the security provided to protect National Infrastructures such as airports, ports, railways, bridges, transport hubs, electricity grids, power plants, oil refineries, water systems and many other viral or critical foundations. Infrastructure security seeks to limit vulnerability of these structures and systems to sabotage, terrorism and contamination.

Most countries around the world have dedicated a certain organization to police and protect different national infrastructures such as the AMTRAK Police in the United States. MK Defence has fashioned a new training package aimed at helping government agencies develop a Special Unit to protect their vital or critical infrastructures.

The MK-SSIT® program is a relatively short training program that focuses on the current and immediate threats to any type of infrastructure. The program starts by selecting a team made up of members from all the different relative agencies within various government agencies such as Police, Army, Intelligence, Fire, etc. who all then undergo a training program that prepares them to predict, prevent, protect, detect, neutralize and exploit threats or acts of unlawful interference as a “Critical Infrastructure Security Unit”.

“In today’s world, especially with all the turmoil going on in the Middle-East and elsewhere, governments must be ready for security challenges amidst chaos and today!! MK-SSIT® answers those needs and within a very small timeframe in order for governments to act quickly.” Said Michel Madi, President & CEO of MK Defence Ltd.

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