This new addition to the MK Defence family of specialty products & services is to provide training in many areas including basic to advanced obedience training, behavioural problem counselling, training for schutzhund enthusiasts (tracking, obedience, and protection), PSA K-9 (Scenario Based K-9 Competition). Also Police K-9 importing and training for law enforcement agencies, specialized detection science & technology, patrol & protection, & the most notable aspect of this new division is the “commercial packages” that are now being offered by MK Defence that becomes the first in the middle-east to provide K9 sales & services to commercial entities such as; shopping malls, hotels, private companies, events, etc... at exceptionally affordable prices. 

MK Defence is now capable of providing a complete spectrum of professional & specialized counter-terrorism, policing, security, & essential customizable packages for any government agency or commercial entity in the middle-east.

“We always aim at being the pioneer defence & security ONE-STOP-SHOP for the middle-east using our people’s wide spectrum of expertise and the most professional & specialized technological facets of our partners from around the globe. Dogs have always been the most loyal beings to humans...who wouldn’t trust a well trained & maintained K9 over a machine?” Chief Communications Officer.

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